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Image ES Book comboThe “World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today” is a beautifully crafted coffee table book series with a selected collection of contemporary erotic artworks of various mediums ranging from hand-drawn illustration, photography, digital illustration, mixed-media, and sculpture by some of the finest artists working with erotic subject matter in the world today.

Stylishly produced, this lavish and desirable publication promises a plethora of graphically induced sensual delights. It is definitely a great catalyst for unusual and yet very interesting conversation on a highly erogenous level; a key to unlock the sensual side of our own being; an educational tool for the open-minded; a wonderful addition on any coffee table for everyone to enjoy.

The Art selection derives from an international juried art competition with artists participation from over 28 different countries. The international jury includes highly established artists, museum curators, editors and academics working in the field of human sexuality.

The artworks are eclectic, humorous, daring, eccentric, passionate and self expressive. The sensual beauty of eroticism delivered in each stunning volume that can simply be described as ‘Modern Art for the Open-minded’. All sexualities are on view in this ‘must own’ coffee table book series, it’s an orgy of truly enlightened creativity proving that the subject of sex placed in the right hands still has much to offer.

The publication is designed for art collectors and those who appreciate the finest that erotic art has to offer. Each collection is printed in limited quantity, and the sold out volumes are now in high demand and selling for a lot more than their original prices. Buy one of the later volumes, or collect the entire series if you are fortunate to get your hand on the earlier compendiums...