ES Art Book Cover Volume 5 front 72dpiWhat's new???

The format of this new book has been changed on many different levels in comparison to the previous volumes of "The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today" book series. While the overall design for the shell / cover of the publication remains the same, however the space assignment for the inside content of the book has gone through significant changes:

First, This 5th volume of the book series has expanded its search for the World's Finest Creative Nude Art with the collaboration of The World's Best Annual Erotic Art shows and festivals. We showcase the most prestigious shows around the world and allocate a portion of the book for their top juried art pieces from their collection.  Also, in order to grant more exposure to the participating artists, at least 2 pages are reserved for each individual artist to feature their artwork(s), as well as a profile page for bio / statement to illustrate their achievements including exhibitions / publications & reviews / recognition & awards / collections / etc...  Additionally, this volume has more relevant articles and writings on the subject of The Nudes and sensuality; memoirs from erotic art experts; artists' opinions; quotes; comprehensive listings of erotic art shows and destinations, and more.  Indeed, it offers a more interactive experience for the erotic art enthusiasts...

The book is printed on high quality matte satin stock with a count of 280 pages and measured 8.5 X 11 inches.  It is available in both softbound and hardcover units. A limited number of the collector’s editions is now being offered at the initial [pre-order] announcement phase.  Only 5000 copies will be released in circulation, and once they sell out... that's it!!!  Therefore, we strongly advise you to get your copy now!!!


* Book Cover: